Warm Up This Fall with 8 Hot Beverages that are Good for You!

Once those temperatures start to ease down as we move into the Fall months,
most people rush off to grab their first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season.
Warm beverages are fantastic during the colder months, but many of these
warm drinks can pack a ton of sugar in one cup. 

Luckily, there are loads of healthy and immune-boosting warm drinks you
can enjoy instead. Here are a few of my favorite options to rotate through the
chilly months that are actually good for you…

Fresh ginger tea

Not only is ginger wonderful for tummy troubles, but it’s also great for
reducing inflammation. Slice a small piece of fresh ginger root and add it to
your cup. Pour boiling water over it and voila — you have ginger tea!

Fresh mint tea

Mint might seem like a summery flavor, but it works as an outstanding way
to clear your palate, aid digestion, and help you feel full after a meal. You’ll
be less prone to snacking when you end your meal with a cup of fresh mint

Homemade hot chocolate

It’s so tempting when the winds start to get a bit blustery to pop into your
favorite café for an indulgent hot chocolate. Save one of those for a special
treat and instead, make your own hot chocolate at home. Use an unsweetened
cocoa powder with warmed almond milk. You can sweeten it with just a hint
of stevia if you prefer.


In my last post I talked all about the benefits of coffee! A nice, aromatic cup of coffee will surely perk you up on cold days. Organic is the best option to choose, but if you want your healthiest cup, keep it free and clear of refined sugar and cream. Again, sweeten it with stevia if you prefer and add a splash of almond, coconut, or non-fat milk for a creamer flavor.

Hot lemon water

Another way to cleanse your palate is to slice up fresh lemons and pour
boiling water over them for a hot lemonade of sorts. Leave the sugar out of
the equation, and you’ll find you have a delightful sip-worthy drink without
any of the ill side effects. Its a great way to kick start your day too!

Green tea

Like coffee, green tea has loads of antioxidants. Buy a quality brand to make
sure you’re not getting any unwanted hidden extras. Avoid added sugar by drinking it unsweetened or adding sliced fruit for a fun twist.

Healthy homemade chai latte

Chai tea itself is very healthy, but most people head to the café to grab a chai
latte in fall. You might be tempted too with its warming aroma, thinking
you’re doing better than getting that pumpkin spice latte. But chai lattes can
have loads of sugar also. A better option is to brew chai tea at home and then
froth up almond milk or any low fat milk in your microwave. Add a touch of cinnamon to the top to make it feel more indulgent without doing any harm.

Healthy warm beverage choices can be delicious. Keep this list handy, so
when the mood strikes, you’ll be ready with a healthy option to counter your

Priscilla Askew, NDTR

Priscilla Askew is a Nutrition & Dietetic Technician, Registered. She loves all things related to health & fitness and blogs about her adventures in running, triathlon, and nutrition. 

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