Nutrition Services

Nutrition Coaching

Initial Nutrition Consultation

$120.00 | 1 hr

In our initial consultation we’ll go over a basic nutrition assessment and evaluation during which we’ll discuss your goals, health history, and current nutrition habits. We talk, in-depth, about what you would like to achieve on your health journey and what road blocks you may be encountering. Together, we’ll create an individualized plan and outline action steps to help you meet your goals. 

Includes: one 60 minute nutrition assessment, personalized plan, follow up email with details discussed, educational materials such as handouts or worksheets as they pertain to your individualized plan.


$60.00 | 30 mins

In our follow-up we’ll discuss how things are going with meeting your goals. We’ll review what is working, what you still need help with and what roadblocks you’re encountering. If you feel additional education is required, I’ll provide counseling and reading materials as needed. To conclude our session, we’ll set new goals based on your progress. 


Includes: one 30 minute session, follow up email with details discussed, educational materials, such as handouts or worksheets, as they pertain to your individualized plan.


$100 | 1 hr

(Currently offered to Dallas/Ft. 

Worth area residence only)

Are you overwhelmed with choices and looking to learn how to eat healthy on a budget? Do you want to know how grocers stock products for their profit and not your health? 

Let’s go shopping together and learn how to navigate beyond the world of grocery marketing.

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