How to Grow Sprouts At Home

How To Grow Sprouts At Home Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended. While clicking these links won’t cost you any extra money, they will help me keep this site up and running! I’ve never been one of those people with a green thumb. In fact, I’ve tried for years to grow several different herbs and plants and the end result is always the same. DEATH. It doesn’t matter how low maintenance it is or how resilient it is. Eventually, I will kill it and kill it good! Ever the determined nutritionist, I never give up. I’m always looking for easy herbs and edible plants I can grow at home to add nutrients and flavor to my meals. If I can grow it long enough to eat it, I don’t mind so much that I’ll eventually kill it. I mean, you gotta work with what ya got! Am I right? When I first learned you could grow your own sprouts at home I was super excited! I had no idea if would be easy enough for this black thumb of death, but I wanted to give it a try and so should you. I love using sprouts in all sort of recipes! They’re really tasty on salads, especially if you sprout the zestier flavored radish and broccoli seeds. You can freeze them and mix them in to smoothies for added nutrition

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HelloFresh – Is it Worth It?

Note: This is not a sponsored posts! All opinions and thoughts are my own. Welcome back to the blog y’all! Today, I thought I would share a bit of real life with you. People always assume that as a nutritionist I’ve got all things food figured out. The truth is, I’m just like the rest of you! I’m a busy mom, I have a full-time job and a side business, and I’m also an athlete. Things get complicated! I’m always looking for ways to get dinner on the table and keep it from getting old. With a family of four and a busy schedule, meal planning just takes a back seat from time to time. Too often, I find myself stuck making the same go-to recipes that I’ve made a hundred times. Not only does dinner become boring, but I also find that I start cooking some not-so-healthy meals in an effort to keep things exciting. When your children refuse to eat one more plate of meatloaf with mac n cheese and green beans, you know you’re doing something wrong! I was doing my weekly browse of Groupon a few months ago when I came across a great deal for HelloFresh. I’ve heard some really great things about these meal delivery services that have become so popular, but as a mompreneur and a triathlete, I’m exceedingly focused on budget. Somehow, spending over $100 for a meal delivery service just didn’t sound like a good deal. Finding a Groupon was actually the push I needed

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Welcome to Askew Nutrition and Fitness!

I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE! Wowee! This has been a LONG time coming! Welcome to my new space! I’m so excited you’re here and that I can finally share this with you. I cannot wait to begin posting funsies for you all again. First, let me invite you to take a look around and allow me to give you the grand tour! If you haven’t already been to my homepage, please take a moment to check it out. There are links to every page of my site on the homepage so, it’s a one stop shop! Also, as I mentioned, I now have a “services” page where you can learn more about the specific work I’ll be doing as a nutrition coach and, eventually, running and triathlon plans. I say eventually because I’m currently still in the process of studying for my Certified Personal Trainer certificate. I hope to have that completed in another month or two, but more on that later. If you’re new to my site feel free to visit my “about” page to learn a little more about my story and how Askew Nutrition & Fitness came to life. I also have a library of blog posts to the right of the page here that you’re welcome to read through. Most of the content currently on this blog was imported from my previous blog Priscilla Loves to Run, but there’s some fun reading in there. Now, let’s get to the good stuff! I have missed you all so much! I can’t tell you how

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Priscilla Loves to Run is Rebranding!

Priscilla Loves to Run is Rebranding! All posts prior to this date were imported from Priscilla Loves to Run Well well well! Look who’s still alive…! I feel like I always start my blogs like this, “It’s been so long since I’ve checked in buuuut”. Well this time it’s true! I think it’s been about 6 months since my last post. I have to be honest with you guys. I haven’t posted because I wasn’t really sure I wanted Priscilla Loves to Run to continue on. I’ve spent the last six months really thinking about what I want from this blog. I love sharing with you guys! I love the friendships I have forged through the blogging community. I love the fit friends I made through the running and triathlon community, and I love being able to connect with people across the globe on social media. But, I just found myself in a rut after Ironman. Things slowed down, life was little more dull, and I felt like I was a bit lost. I came to the realization that I just wasn’t motivated. Like, at all! It was so hard for me to find motivation to share healthy tips, training updates, or even to feel included in the world of blogging any longer. The harder I tried to get back into blogging the more it felt off. When I started this blog I had four goals in mind: Find an outlet to talk about my training [before my husbands ears fall off] Share my

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Virtual Coffee Date: Strong Fitness & Race Entries

Virtual Coffee Date: Strong Fitness & Race Entries Good morning babes and happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderfully active weekend! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a virtual coffee date and the last one was so much fun. So, today, I thought we’d get caught up over a virtual cup of coffee! I’ll be sipping on a Vanilla latte (my fav). If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you all about my latest sweat date with the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors at Strong Fitness. This was the first group workout I’ve done with them since tearing my ACL. I was so wrapped up with Ironman training earlier in the year that I didn’t have very much spare time for funsies like this. Post Ironman I was all kinds of beat up and honestly, I was a bit scared of doing one of these group workouts not knowing how my knee would hold up. Since we decided not to operate and reconstruct my ACL I’ve realized that I just need to get back out there. I’ve been incorporating more and more weight bearing exercises the last couple of months with the help of my knee brace. So, I thought it was about time I came out of my shell and had some fit fun with the girls again. I’m so glad I did too! This event was so much fun! Strong Fitness is a Crossfit style gym. They offer much more than crossfit though. For our workout we did some interval work mixing things up

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Priscilla Askew, NDTR

Priscilla is Dallas/Ft. Worth based nutritionist and blogger.


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