A 14-day challenge to help you EASILY navigate the Holidays while learning to eat smart, move more and better your health without sacrificing all the holiday foods you love.

Why Wait Until January to Get Healthier?

The holidays are here and that usually means an abundance of holiday foods, busy schedules, and lack of movement until it’s the middle of January and we aren’t sure where the time went. Is this what you do every year?

If you’re nodding your head, welcome to the club. But there’s something I need to tell you…

It IS possible to get through the holidays without stressing yourself out completely and eating your weight in holiday meals.

I want to invite you to my Fit & Festive Holiday Challenge, where I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips on how you can navigate the holidays in a healthy and manageable way while still enjoying the foods you wait all year long to savor.

The magic of the season is something I really love to soak up, but if you’re like me, the busy nature of the season can make it feel like a juggling act. The parties, family gatherings, baking, cooking, shopping — the calendar is full, but with some mindfulness and intention setting — your heart can be, too.



Here is whats included:

🎄A healthy challenge each week with daily tips to help change one simple thing each week (baby steps!) because simple changes turn into big results!

🎄Simple in-home winter workouts to do in a time crunch to get you up and moving more. 

🎄A 3-day meal plan each week which includes healthy recipes, a grocery shopping list, and directions for preparing breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner each day.

🎄 Access to my online client portal which includes a food & mood journal where you can track calories or just upload pictures of meals to share in the group chat. Take advantage of the lifestyle/activity/weight tracker to keep up with your progress even after the challenge ends.

How would you like to end the year feeling your best?

We’ve all been at that place where we so badly want to get healthier, but not bad enough to start immediately….. especially during the holidays. We tell ourselves we’ll start tomorrow or, even more likely, on January 1st as a new year resolution. 

There is no better time than the present!

This 14-day challenge provides you with simple strategies & resources to help you eat smart in order to maintain your weight throughout the holiday season. Our meal plans make it easy to eat better while taking the guess work out of what you SHOULD be eating. Plus, we’ve included a few healthy holiday recipes. 

We’ll also focus on moving more by providing you weekly challenges to make simple changes and create lasting habits.  You’ll have access to daily tips and an uplifting community to help keep you motivated as well as your own personal nutritionist throughout the entire challenge.

BONUS! You'll Also Receive...

Fitness at Home ebook

Fitness often gets put on the back burner this season, as many of us begin to feel that we don’t have the time to make it to the gym five days a week. With the Fitness at Home ebook, you will learn feasible ways to fit in fitness at home so you don’t have to overlook your fitness goals until after the holidays.


Surviving the Holidays ebook

A wonderful resource with 9 ways to survive the holidays in a healthy way. You’ll learn how to set goals through detailed goal setting activities pertaining to each tip. Be inspired and set yourself up to move forward into 2023 with success!

New Year's Resolutions Don't Last

Approximately less than 10% of New Years resolutions fizzile out before they are achieved. Real change begins with small changes. You must exchange one small habit for another until those changes add up. It’s not enough to say, “I want to be healthier” or “I’m going to eat better”. Creating an action plan with small simple changes will kick start your health journey. Commit to making a healthy change NOW. Learn to eat smarter, move more and better your health with the Fit & Festive Holiday Challenge and end 2022 feeling your best.

If you’re ready to eat smart, get moving, and get healthier, sign up and join us!

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