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Well well well! Look who’s still alive…! I feel like I always start my blogs like this, “It’s been so long since I’ve checked in buuuut”. Well this time it’s true! I think it’s been about 6 months since my last post.

I have to be honest with you guys. I haven’t posted because I wasn’t really sure I wanted Priscilla Loves to Run to continue on. I’ve spent the last six months really thinking about what I want from this blog.

I love sharing with you guys! I love the friendships I have forged through the blogging community. I love the fit friends I made through the running and triathlon community, and I love being able to connect with people across the globe on social media. But, I just found myself in a rut after Ironman. Things slowed down, life was little more dull, and I felt like I was a bit lost. I came to the realization that I just wasn’t motivated. Like, at all! It was so hard for me to find motivation to share healthy tips, training updates, or even to feel included in the world of blogging any longer. The harder I tried to get back into blogging the more it felt off.

When I started this blog I had four goals in mind:

    • Find an outlet to talk about my training [before my husbands ears fall off]
    • Share my fitness and nutrition experience with my readers.
    • Build relationships, make friends, and support others!
    • Build a business and a platform to teach nutrition

When I looked back at the last few years of blogging I’d really only accomplished three of those things. Building my business was (and is) the most important goal. When I graduated college I dreamed of helping people find their way to health and fitness. It was the entire reason I changed majors from nursing to nutrition.


I cant tell you how many women I meet in both triathlon and running who have said, “I cant wait to lose weight so I can finally be a good athlete.” or “I could never do that, I like pizza, ice cream, or [insert “bad” food here] too much” or even “I could NEVER do that”. These words break my heart! I want so badly to help people discover their true potential. I want to teach people how to have healthy relationships with food and I want to show people that you can be an athlete at any size or shape.


People CAN find health at any size!


Running and triathlon have brought so much joy to my life. They have truly changed me as a person. Every time I think I cannot do something, I find myself signing up for a new race and tearing down those boundaries. Now, I want to help others do the same. I want to help YOU achieve those big goals and I want to be your biggest cheerleader.


Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Often, I find that we think we must get fit so that we can eat all the food. We get stuck in that cycle of eating, guilt, and calorie burn. Exercise becomes a side effect of food consumption which is just so disheartening. It takes all the joy out of fitness and food.


Then, it hit me, Priscilla Loves to Run is missing the mark! If I truly want to help people, I need to let people know I’m here to help. It’s not enough to simply share my experience, I need to offer more to my readers. With that in mind, I started working on a new brand. These last six months I have worked tirelessly and created a new future for myself and my blog. Allow me to officially introduce….


There has been so much happening on the back end since the new year. I signed up to study and become a certified personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine. I’m aiming to take the test in late April. I’m also in the final stages of completing a new website and will soon be launching that. Dont worry! I have already imported all of the content from Priscilla Loves to Run to the new domain so, this blog’s content WILL NOT DISAPPEAR. I simply want to add to the content and offer a place where my readers can engage with me professionally.


So what does this change mean exactly? Priscilla Loves to Run will cease to exist in the coming weeks and Askew Nutrition & Fitness will take it’s place. I want to be more than just a blogger. Askew Nutrition & Fitness will offer nutrition and fitness services for those who are interested as well as covering all the funsies Priscilla Loves to Run shared. As time goes on, I hope to offer nutrition coaching, personal training, and even offer running and triathlon training programs.


This will big year of growth for me. I’m so excited to begin helping others with whatever their goals may be. I hope that you’ll be patient with me as I grow as an entrepreneur. Please be sure to go follow all my social channels if you are not already. Links are in the top left corner of this page. I will not be creating new social accounts after the re-branding, but will be changing all of my social handles. If you’re already following me, you wont need to find me again. You’ll just see a new name. Announcements for new site launch will be up on all channels very soon, so stay tuned!


The next time you visit Priscilla Loves to Run, you will automatically be redirected to the new site. I cannot wait to see you on the other side!!

Happy Running,


Priscilla Askew, NDTR

Hi I’m Priscilla! Nutritionist, USA triathlon & RRCA run coach, fitness enthusiast, foodie, and owner of Askew Nutrition & Fitness.

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