Hey there babes! Wow! It has been a while since I’ve checked in. If you’re reading this, thanks for stopping by! Since Ironman things have been pretty slow in my life. I’ve been laying low, not training or doing anything really. I’ve actually been working on a few blog posts, but my computer died a couple of weeks ago and I had to buy a new one. That thing was on its last leg! We sure did make it last as long as we could, but with two kids, it became saturated with viruses and….CAPUT! I’m back up and running now and hope to start posting all the goodies I’ve been working on. I’ve got some really fun things coming up and I’ll be SURE to share all of that with you.

A while back some of my fellow Dallas bloggers and I got together for a summer potluck hosted by the fabulous Dixya from Food Please and Health. Dixya sure knows how to throw a party! She really made things easy for us. Be sure to check out her tips on how to host a potluck.

Everyone brought a dish or two to share and we had some really awesome sponsors. When I first walked in I was in awe of the magnificence of the food displayed in Dixya’s dining room. It’s a bit intimidating when you’re joining food bloggers, but MAN was the food worth it.

We had the most delicious lamb from Nourish with Lamb. Dixya prepared two dishes for us. Lamb meatballs with a delicious yogurt dip and the other was loin chops prepared in on a cast iron skillet. I tried so hard to watch her every move while preparing it. I’ve been learning how to cook with cast iron since before I started Ironman training. The doctor wanted me to get more iron in my diet and I knew that, in addition to making some dietary changes, adding a cast iron skillet to my kitchen would be one great way to do it. I will definitely be attempting to recreate this dish!

We also had a beautiful cheese board sponsored by Sprouts  that Dixya also assembled. She is so creative! Emily from Zen and Spice baked these amazing Parmesan tomatoes. They were mouthwatering. The smooth flavor of the parmesan mixed with the tomato made for a great treat.


Erin over at The Speckled Palate made Grilled Peach Bruschetta which I’ve never had, but knew I would love immediately. I have a thing for contrasting fruit and cheese flavors. One of my favorite pizzas is Pear & Gorgonzola. There is just something about salty cheeses and sweet fruits. YUM! Erin’s bruschetta did not disappoint.

Ginger from The Ginger Marie Blog made the most outstanding bacon wrapped mac n cheese. As if mac n cheese isn’t already comforting enough, she went and wrapped it in a savory blanket of warm delicious bacon. I may have had a few too many of these things, but how could anyone resist?



Great Harvest Bread Company also provided a spread of the most decadent breads including cinnamon chip, garlic cheddar jalapeño, popeye bread with spinach, red pepper and parmesan. As well as the most giant oatmeal cookies I’ve ever seen! I took a few of these home to my kids and they were gone instantly.


Speaking of desserts check out those cupcakes and pastries from Stir Crazy Baked Goods. I’ve been working on my cupcake game and have some fantastic inspiration after inhaling a few of these. Can you tell there was a trend at this potluck? Me stuffing my face.

Holy Kombucha provided a selection of delicious drinks as well. I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of kombucha in general, but I did take home the Berry Passion and Green Apple Ginger which were AMAZING. I was so glad to have them after eating all of this food too. My stomach was bit sour the morning after the event, but I felt great after having the Berry Passion kombucha.


For my dish I decided to share the Nuun love…as always! I can’t cook quite like these women, but I sure can make a mean cocktail. So, that’s what I did! I created this Nuungria recipe with summer in mind. This is a great poolside cocktail! It combines a refreshing sparkling wine, two delicious summer Nuun flavors, and the fresh citrus juices really give it a kick. It’s perfect for all things summer!


Tropical Nuungria
3 tabs Nuun Energy Mango Orange
3 tabs Nuun Active Tropical
1/2 Gallon water
2 – 6oz cans of Pineapple juice
2 bottles of sweet sparkling white wine (I used a Mascato D’Asti)
1 bottle Malibu Rum (750ml)
Fresh oranges, limes and strawberries
Dissolve all six Nuun tabs in 1/2 gallon of water. In a large punch bowl or party pitcher mix Nuun drink, wine, rum, and pineapple juice. Thinly slice oranges, limes, and strawberries and add to Nuungria in punch bowl or party pitcher. Top with ice and let chill until ready to serve. Serves 10-15.



Individual drinks:
1/2 tab Nuun Energy Mango Orange
1/2 tab Nuun Active Tropical
24 oz water
1/2 – 6 oz can of Pineapple juice
2 shots of sweet sparkling white wine (I used a Mascato D’Asti)
2 shots Malibu Rum
Fresh oranges, limes and strawberries

In a large cup dissolve Nuun tabs in water. Add wine, rum, and pineapple juice. Stir well and pour evenly into cocktail glasses. Use thinly slice oranges, limes, and strawberries as garnish. Top with ice and enjoy! Serves 2-3.

Let me know if you try this Nuungria and how it was! You can use the hashtag #nuungria and tag me so I can share in the awesomeness!

Well babes, I hope your week was a good one. I hope you’re out there getting ready for a sweaty weekend and crushing those goals as always. I’ll check in with you soon.

Happy Running!

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