You might be a triathlete when....

I’ve always claimed to being a runner. I love running so much that I started this blog just so that I could talk about my love for running! Over the years I’ve expanded more toward triathlon and I’ve really started to love it even more than running I think (though it includes running so…) I’ve always been hesitant to call myself a “Triathlete”. Even after my first half Ironman last November, I still feel funny calling myself a Triathlete.
A while back I joined  the Facebook group Women for Tri in hopes of building a sense of belonging in the triathlon community. The experience has been incredibly fruitful to say the least. Women in this group talk about anything from training, kids, work, races, equipment, motivation and more. I could never have imagined connecting with a group of women who are so encouraging, supportive, funny, and just so down to earth!
Many of you may not know this but I’m a 33 year old step-mom. I’ve helped my husband raise my children since they were pre-school aged, but I have never had any biological children. I’ve always wanted to, but when your busy raising two children, a third just seem so hard to plan. One night I was thinking about my goals for the upcoming year and I posted this on the Women for Tri Facebook page:
The responses from the other women were hilarious! So many other women felt the exact same way! Women chimed in saying they planned their families around race schedules, used training to bounce back from child birth, one women even planned to freeze her eggs so that she could race longer. I was overwhelmed at the response. It made me feel so much better too. I was thinking so seriously about this topic that I had forgotten how truly funny it really was.
Women began to chime in on the Facebook page over the following months sharing their own “You might be a triathlete when….” posts and it was epic!  So today, I’m sharing the best of them with you in hopes of bringing a little joy to your day. I know I’ve been guilty of most of these!
P.S. If you have coffee in hand, might I suggest sipping on it after this post.
You might be a triathlete when….
  1. You know you can wash and style your hair all fancy because tomorrow is “rest” day.
  2. You get excited and smile about an outfit or shoes because they match your Garmin.
  3. All of the laundry on your drying rack consists of swimsuits, bike shorts, tri kits, and running clothes.
  4. You book vacations and family trips around your race schedule.
  5. You just plain plan your entire life around your training schedule.
  6. You’re asked if you have big plans for the weekend and your response consists of swimming, biking, running, and eating.
  7. Your car is filled with swim bike and run gear at all times just in case a spontaneous opportunity to train pops up.
  8. You go shopping for “nice clothes” and you always come back with sneakers, compression socks, t-shirts, and new sports bras.
  9. It feels so much easier to complete a 14 hour HIM training week that it does to blow dry your hair, put on make-up, and wear “real” clothes
  10. Product names like “Hoo Ha Ride Glide” and “DZ Nuts” are totally normal to you.
  11. Sticking your hand down your pants in public to apply said product is totally acceptable.
  12. Your perfume of choice is Eau de chlorine.
  13. Your favorite pictures of yourself, are the ugliest race photos you’ve ever taken, but showcase your race awesomeness.
  14. You’re forever loading and unloading workout bags.
  15. You keep losing toe nails.
  16. You are entirely comfortable blowing your nose when cycling at high speeds without a tissue, using just one finger.
  17. You don’t mind hopping off the bike and ducking behind a tree to pee on your long bike ride.
  18. You also welcome the warmth of peeing in your wet suit in the early season.
  19. When you want to wear a pretty dresses, but you have weird tan lines and lots of random bruises.
  20. It is perfectly normal that your bikes lives in the house with you.
  21. You do not mind eating ice out of your bra that you dumped in to cool off during the run leg of the race.
  22. You can’t wait to swim, bike, or run on your 10 day vacation because you have plenty of time.
  23. Working out 10-12 hours a week is no big deal.
  24. Waking up at 4 am to train is also totally normal.
  25. When you consider 17,000+ total strangers on a Facebook page your “friends” because you share the love of swimming, biking, and running.
Well friends, that’s all for now. I honestly received hundreds of these, but I think I will save the rest for a part 2 perhaps? We shall see! I hope you all had a productive training/racing weekend! What are some of your favorite you might be a triathlete when moments? Share them in the comments below.
Happy Running!

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