Worries [OFF] Headphones [ON]

If there is one thing in life that keeps me sane, other than running, it’s music! I’d like to consider myself a general music lover; I love everything from top 40’s to oldies. Heck even jazz, blues, country, you name it! When it comes to uplifting my spirits and fueling my workouts though, I turn to….
Electronic Dance Music
You know the untz untz untz stuff
Bust out the whistles and glow sticks! Time to go running!
It just has this overall positive feeling and the driving beats keep me going even when I’m starting to feel like giving up…..which tends to be about half the time I spend working out HA! There have been so many days I have literaly checked out of life, laced up my shoes, popped my earbuds in and turned the volume up as loud as it would go and just ran my heart out. I find that the louder the music is the less I can hear myself think….and that’s good!
I’m my own worst enemy sometimes.
Even when im training im constanly hearing myself think about life, stress, work, school, EVERYTHING. That’s why I love running and I MUST have my music when I do.
I can let go.
….and is it just me or does the right music change you entire work out!? I really don’t want to be one of those ladies you see on YouTube running on the treadmill, dancing and making a fool of myself. ….but that is how I feel! I try to let the happiness translate into speed, energy or SOMETHING… anything other than dancing lol but one day…. ONE DAY…. I’m sure I’m going to break out in a happy dance when no one is looking. I have been tempted to many times.
Don’t mind me, I’m just happy dancin!
To check out my running playlist click the link below and share yours if you’d like. I always love discovering new music.
Happy running!

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