Traning Check-In:
Ironman 2017, Injuries, Shower Pill Ambassador and Joining Nuun

Happy Friday! It seems like the weeks and months are flying by. I’m so very excited that race season is well underway and that the weather is beautiful here in Texas. I’ve been training hard these last few months but nagging injuries have kept me from racing. I spoke about my struggle with Tarsal Tunnel last year and have made huge improvements since then to keep it in check. My Dr. fitted me with a semi custom orthotic, I switched running shoes (Brooks Adrenline) and I backed off for several months to give my feet time to heal.

This year, I was back at my training full force. Things were going great until about a month ago. I was about a week out from the Rock n Roll half when I started to feel discomfort behind the inner ankle bone on my right foot. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t run, but it was concerning enough that I thought I should have it checked out early. My Dr. was concerned that I’d torn my tendon or possibly suffered from posterior tibia tendon dysfunction. We made the decision to change my othotic since it has been a year since I first received it. I also promised that after the half marathon I would give myself a few weeks off without any running. I was planning to run the Irving marathon in April so backing off after the half seemed like a huge set back. As luck would have it, I attended the Rock n Roll race expo and walked around all day causing more pain to the tendon area. It was irritated the entire night and seemed to worsen even after I got home. I decided it was best to hold off on racing until I could get my new orthotic.

So here I am, going on week three of no running. I had another appointment with my podiatrist last week to see how I’m doing. We’ve ruled out any torn tendons. I think at this point, it’s safe to say I wont be racing the full in April. There is no way I can build up that kind of mileage in two weeks with an injury. Hopefully my new orthotic will arrive this week or next and my Dr will give me the go ahead to slowly start running again.

In the mean time, I have been doing plenty of swimming, biking, and strength training. I have my first olympic distance triathlon coming up in May. Hopefully I will be able to run again before then. I’d hate to miss yet another race.

I’ve really had a change of mindset this year when it comes to racing and training. My husband and I had a long talk about having children and racing Ironman in 2017. We’ve decided that the time just isn’t right for another child, but in the mean time, I’m going to start training for my first full Ironman!

Hopefully in  another year or two we’ll feel better equipped for a baby. For now, I’ve taken a step back in my training to focus on my heart rate and for the first time I’m really making a conscience effort to stay in my zones. At times this can mean running a 12 minute mile. You can only imagine how frustrating that is. With all the injuries I’ve had the last two years I think it’s time that I really learn to become a better, more efficient athlete especially if I’m going to set my sights on Ironman. I don’t want my first race to be a DNF and as such I’m going to spend the next year focusing on efficiency in order to increase my speed.

So, with that all in mind, I’m not too terribly sad that I might miss out on the Irving Marathon or even that I missed out on the Rock n Roll half. AND possibly even a few races that my be coming in the near future. I have a few Olympic triathlons still on my calendar and I’m toying with the idea of running a full marathon in my own neighborhood after I heal.

On the plus side, I recently joined the lovely ladies over at ShowerPill as a brand ambassador. I’m very excited to share the products I love with friends and fellow athletes. I have used the Showerpill wipes religiously for my lunch time runs and workouts. I literally could not get through the day without them.

Also, I mentioned in a previous post that I joined Team Nuun in 2016. Through that partnership I recently learned about a job opening with Nuun as a field hydration specialist. Being that I’m currently saving for Ironman 2017, I thought a few extra dollars couldn’t hurt, so I applied for the part-time position. I’m happy to announce that I officially started working with Nuun this April. Nuun and Dallas Athlete’s Racing have partnered to bring Nuun Hydration to as many DAR events as possible. My part will be in the field spreading as much Nuun love as I can.

I attended my first two events this past weekend and I can’t wait to attended more and mingle with some of Dallas’ best athletes while informing the community about why Nuun is the best!

This weekend I’ll be setting up shop at the Keller Kids Triathlon, which my daughter is also racing. This will be her first triathlon and I cant wait to be her biggest cheerleader!

Happy Running!

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