Slow and steady wins the race

Hey strangers! Long time, no post huh?! Man-o-man has it been a crazy couple of months. I feel like I finally had the drive to start my blog and then life just punched me in the face and said, “HOLD THE F#$%& UP!”. Juggling two jobs, school, and interns has been no easy task, but I think I’m surviving and the end is in sight! I have 5 short weeks of interns left and if I can just make it that long, I can start to sort out my life again.

So far I’ve only had one or two major breakdowns…and by breakdowns I mean all out crying-end-of-the-world-panic-attacks. That’s pretty good for me! On the upside, I can’t believe it’s almost here! I will FINALLY graduate college and have a degree in nutrition. I never thought I would make it this far but I survived [errr I’m surviving].

So what am I going to do after graduation you ask? SWIM, BIKE, RUN!!!! I know, I know, I SHOULD be thinking about my career and all that jazz (and I am), but all I really WANT to think about is how much more time I will have to train again hahaha! I’ve already compiled my dream list of races and packed them away, all snug, in the back of my mind. (There’s a whole lotta firsts in there) I literally have to calm my mental self, hold back the excitement and try not to count my chickens before they hatch. I’m trying to take it one step at a time. I still have to get through these last 5 weeks and then sort the rest out. Race season will come in time….before I know it…..oh man!

I tend to get a little anxious (if you can’t already tell) and I’m always planning ahead so, true to form, I’ve already picked my first race of 2015.

Ain’t she a beaut!

My first full marathon! I think that’s safe, I mean, worst case scenario at least I wont have interns or class. I might still be working two jobs after the new year BUT I wont be working 10-12 hour shifts. I will still have time to train and I can take days off here and there when I need them. I don’t plan on worst case scenario however, I’m determined to get back to a 5 day work week ASAP. Regardless, I’ve got this run thing down! I may not be fast but I know how to train.

Since this will be my first full 26.2 I decided to pick an easy training program. I went back to basics and decided on the Hal Higdon marathon training program – Novice Extreme. I edited the program just a little and gave my self a extra couple of weeks in the beginning to build my endurance base back up. I’ve had very little time to run at all the past few months and I’m trying to be as honest with myself as possible. I started the program three weeks ago and already I can see that I made a smart choice. So far, I’ve missed 3 practice runs and I’m struggling with the mileage. I’m outta shape! My biggest problem right now is that I’m still in the thick of all this school/work/intern chaos. My mileage is very low and I really thought I could handle it, but it’s looking like I’m not out of the woods yet. We’ll just call this time marathon training “practice”…..see that’s me getting too excited again and getting ahead of myself.

Honestly, I don’t care. I NEED THIS! Have you ever been around a life long runner who has to stop running for any length of time? It’s ugly! Now try to imagine that runner with the added stress of working 7 long LONG days a week and still trying to maintain her sanity. Trust me when I say, I’m floored that my husband hasn’t gone running for the hills. This race, it’s one of the only things I have keeping me sane right now. It’s the hope I have that my life will be normal again and this hell of a semester WILL end. It is my only outlet …and boy do I need one,  A BIG ONE.

Happy running!

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