Race report – MOVING DAY!

I’m done! The race is complete. Sort of. I know this isn’t a legitimate race report but it sure did feel like one hell of a race on moving day.

We moved into the new house this past weekend. Remember that ONE day I took off of work for the move? Totally not enough!

Let me start by saying I’ve been optimistic about this move since the very beginning. [errr I tried to be] Friday night we packed all the last minute boxes, tried to finish up laundry, taped, boxed, cleaned, you name it!

Saturday morning came bright and early and I felt prepared. I pre warned my husband that I would be waking up and going for a run before the move. The moving truck company opened at 7am so we planned on being there right at 7am to pick up our rental. Well, as it turned out, we didn’t make it until 7:30am. We only had two helpers for the move and one was scheduled to arrive at 8am.

I figured [in my ideal moving day itinerary]:
6:30am – Wake up
7:00am – Pick up truck 
7:15[ish] – Get back from pick up
…run until 8am
…have breakfast & coffee, and start move.

Never happened that way!

It was more like:
6:00am – wake up…feels too early [hit snooze]
6:30am – Wake up… still feels too early [hit snooze]
7:00am – Wake up 7am… holy crap its 7am! wake up! and rush out the door.
7:30am – Pick up truck
8:00am – get back – help already arriving. THERE GOES MY RUN!!! DOAH!!!

I just couldn’t see myself going for a run while someone else moved my stuff. Run canceled. We moved all. day. long. It was brutal. By noon we had all of the apartment in the new house. We stopped to eat  lunch and rest. My husband went back for round two [the garage and storage unit] while I stayed behind and tried to make more for more junk. By the end of the day I was beat and there was still so much to be done. We still had to go back and clean the old apartment and unpack the new house. By around 6pm I knew there was no way I was going to be able to make it to work the next day if I wanted to get my house in order. I had to call in. I never call in! In the two years that I have been with that company I think I’ve called in twice, and this was the second time. I can’t even explain how dumb I felt.
Sunday came, we unpacked and unpacked, and unpacked some more. Most of the new house was done however, we still have a lot to finish up. By Sunday evening we were making our way back to the old apartment to clean up and turn in our keys. We still had to pick up the animals and transport them to the new house as well.

Sunday is another usual running day for me, did I get any running done? Nope!

The only run I got in on Sunday was when the kids dropped the cat crate with the cat still in it. Poor thing got his head stuck and howled like a dog. I guess I could count that as cross training right?! Moving and sprinting to save my cat? ugh! It’s so depressing! I have never struggled this much with race training. I know. I know. I have a lot going on but still, that’s no excuse! I’m getting a little worried about my progress with marathon training.  Over the last few weeks I have been missing more and more workouts. I know I need something to kick me into gear. I  need to be held accountable! How do I plan on doing that? Well, I signed up for a 10k two weeks from now! 

Click here to visit the race web page.

Since we’re all moved and [slightly] settled, I think I might have more time to focus. At least I have a race pending now and none of my excuses can stop that. I even have a few buddies signed up as well. I’m trying REALLY hard to make myself accountable. I think if I can handle a 10k by Thanksgiving then I am still on track with marathon training. I can do this! In the mean time, I’m going to try my best not to miss any more running days. I’ll have a true race report for you all soon.

Happy running!

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