My Favorite Protein Snacks

Disclaimer: While I was provided samples of some of the products below in exchange for a social media post, others were purchased on my own. As with all my posts, all the opinions expressed below are entirely my own. 

Welcome back to the blog! I hope you all had an awesome weekend. I took a day trip out to Waco, Texas this Saturday to preview the Ironman Waco 70.3 bike course. What a fantastic day! We had nearly 40 people from Houston, Dallas, and Ft. Worth. The course is truly amazing. Flat, scenic, and fast. I really cannot wait for race day when the streets are filled with athletes and cheering spectators. It’s going to be epic! 

This weekend, I was also thinking a lot about nutrition. After my ride was over I had a two hour drive back home and lots of time to spare. My stomach was screaming for food when I realized that I hadn’t packed a lunch for myself. I mean, I had my recovery shake and a few snacks (apple & Kind bar), but I had not packed an actual meal or even my favorite post workout snacks. I don’t know what I was thinking!

As an athlete I’m always thinking about recovery and how I can best prevent soreness and stay fresh in order to go into my next workout ready to work hard. Over the years I’ve developed a few tricks here and there to help me get the best out of my recovery and one of the ways I do that is to snack healthy with protein until I can find time to make a nutritious meal to rebuild and repair post workout. 

Today, I’d like to share my favorite high protein snacks with you and share some of my best practices when fueling after a hard workout. It’s important to note that today’s post in no way condones protein supplements or high protein snacks as a replacement for wholesome meals containing natural animal and plant based protein sources. It’s so important that you provide your body with the best sources of protein first and use supplements and snacks sparingly. I find that after long rides and workouts, I’m often tired and have to work hard to prepare meals for myself. I use these snacks to fuel and begin the recovery process while I find the energy to prepare my wholesome meals, and you can too. 

So, how much protein do you need?

The general rule of thumb for the average person is 0.8g per kilogram of body weight and may increase up to 1.5g per kilogram of body weight. If you’re truly eating a balanced and healthy diet, that shouldn’t be impossible to have. 

But According to SCAN (sports, cardiovascular, and wellness nutrition), a practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the recommendations for athletes are 1.2-1.7g of protein per kilogram of body weight (0.6-0.8 g/lb) and can rise as high as 2g of protein per kilogram of body weight (.9g/lb) for athletes trying to lose fat mass or those would are trying to increase lean body mass. 

Timing is everything here. Post workout protein consumption is vital to both recovery and to maximize muscle growth. You’ll want to eat around 20-30 grams of high quality protein after training (within 15-30 minutes) and every 4 hours after. The ultimate goal is to eat a healthy balanced meal within two hours after exercise to truly optimize muscle repair and prevent soreness and increase muscle growth. 

High quality protein refers to animal-derived proteins like fish, chicken, beef, milk, eggs, etc. These types of proteins will contain all of the essential amino acids, which are building blocks for proteins in the body. Plant based proteins like beans, grains, quinoa, nuts and seeds are going to be lower in essential amino acids. So, consuming a variety of of plant based protein will help to ensure your consuming all essential amino acids. It’s also important to include some good carbs, roughly 1-2g per kilogram of body weight every hour. Think of carbs like the car that drives the protein into the muscles for use. 

So, now that we’ve covered the basics let’s get onto the good part, my favorite snacks! Typically when you think post workout recovery you might think smoothies or low fat chocolate milk, which I LOVE by the way. But for me, I’ve found that I love the snacks below because they are easy to grab and go, and I can eat them without feeling full or sacrificing taste. If I’m being totally honest, I’ll have these snacks before I hop in the shower and then begin cooking a meal soon after. So, think of these as appetizers, post-workout appetizers. LOL

Hummus & Crackers

Hummus is one of my favorite dips! I’ve always got a can of chickpeas (great source of plant protein) in my pantry or premade hummus in the fridge. Pictured above is my spinach artichoke hummus with RW Garcia Organic Lentil with Tumeric Crackers. I’ve really  been loving these crackers recently. They have 3g protein and 14g carbs per serving and taste incredible! They’re not too salty and are really coated in seasoning for maximum flavor, which I love.

Chips & Cowboy Caviar

We have a thing for chips and dip in our house. My husband could probably live on corn chips and salsa. Every football season we make this Cowboy Caviar which is packed with legumes (plant protein) – black beans, navy beans, onions, and corn. Drizzle a little olive oil and lime juice over top and scoop until your heart’s content! Again, I’ve served this with one of RW Garcia’s Pulse Tortilla Chips in the flavor Lentil & Tumeric. 
I recently discovered DNX Bars while reading a copy of Today’s Dietitian. What got my attention was the their flavors. Most protein bars are covered in chocolate or have sweet flavors, but DNX  bars are made with 100% grass fed beef, grass fed bison and free range chicken combined with organic fruits, vegetables, superfoods, and spices. They’re flavors are savory and incredibly tasty. 

With names like Peri Peri Style Chicken and Sweet Potato Pecan Beef how could anyone not be tempted not to try them? I’ll usually have one of these with a fruit of some sort, like an apple or orange. I love oranges after a good workout and they pair well with the Jamaican Style bar. YUM!


I reached out to DNX to offer you guys a discount code if you’d like to try them out as well! Use code: ASKEW for 25% off plus free shipping! 

Protein water, whaaaaat? I know right! I’d seen this drink making the rounds on social media and it really peaked my interest. I love protein shakes from time time, but after a workout my stomach and taste buds can’t always handle them.  I also love to drink sparkling water when I want a fizzy treat (like a soda) so, when I heard Fizzique was a sparkling protein water with 20g of protein, I had to get my hands on some. 

Currently, they only offer two flavors, but they are both delicious! I’ll drink one of these alongside a small snack like fruit or crackers/dip, or even veggies and peanut butter. The carbonation is intensely satisfying after a hard run or long bike ride. I tend to drink a lot of liquid nutrition on those training days and my stomach can be a little sensitive to solid food immediately after a workout. I love drinking Fizzique because the carbonation soothes my stomach and allows me to get the protein I need, right away.


Fizzique also provided a discount code for you guys! Enter code: Priscilla15 at check out through September 3rd.

Now, most of these favs are snacks that I have on the weekends after my “long” rides or runs. I can be out for 3 or more hours sometimes and when I get home, it’s usually lunch time. So, these snacks fit me well. During the week I do most of my workouts in the early morning hours and healthy breakfast is my post workout recovery. If you’re not already following me on instagram, be sure to follow down below! I post my personal weekly meal prep meals up on Sundays so you can swipe through my instastories for inspiration!
  • Did you know January is #NationalSoupMonth 😋 🍲 I just looooove soup on cold winter days! It’s so warm and soothing. Plus, when made with fresh and wholesome ingredients it can be incredibly healthy. You can pack so many vitamins and minerals into one recipe too!
This is a Kale and Sweet Potato Curry with Quinoa from my Anti-inflammatory meal plan. It’s one of my favorites. I added a bit more water and vegetable broth to turn this recipe into a wonderful soup. It contains kale, edamame, quinoa, red curry paste, sweet potatoes, and unsweetened coconut milk to make it creamy and delicious!
Do you have a favorite soup? .
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  • When your new office has a private treadmill lounge you take a #runch 🏃🏽‍♀️❤️ Sure is nice to be able to pop in here whenever I want to. And today I needed a in break! The sunshine was perfect ☀️ .
How do you decompress at work? .
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  • Totally forgot to post my #mealprepsunday yesterday! 🤪 Guess I was just too excited about all this delicious food. 🥘 😄
Everything from this week’s prep is from the Anti-Inflammatory meal plan on my site. (Link in bio) Offered in either 5 day or 3 day and also includes snacks & dinner meals! Head on over today and sign up for a free 3-day trial, no credit card required 😁
This year I’m focusing on eating more plant-based meals, eating to fuel my training, and selecting only quality protein sources. Who needs New Years resolutions when you can just create healthy habits and sustainable life changes?!
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  • I had a ton of extra apples 🍎 leftover from the holiday break. Apparently @jsinask3w @a_askew12 and @_joseph_a_ don’t like eating fruit when they’re on holiday 😂 Anyway, they were too old to keep another week but too good to trash SO, I made a delicious dessert with them! This is a healthy-ish spin on a peach 🍑 cobbler recipe I found on Pinterest. Obviously I subbed the peaches for apples, cut the sugar in half and topped it with Greek yogurt instead of ice cream 🍨 I think it was a win! 🥳 #cleaneating #cleaneatingrecipe #healthydessert #healthydessertrecipes #cobbler #apples #healthyeating #realfood #noartificialanything #foodporn #nutritionistapproved
  • So grateful to welcome another year as member of @nuunhydration ‘s Legacy team! Discovering #Nuun changed the training game for me years ago but I had no idea what was in store for me in the years to come. I started as a super fan, graduated to #ambassador, and now I get to share the #nuunlove all over #northtexas. I’ve met some of the most amazing people at race expos sharing samples, hydrated thousands of athletes crossing the finish line, and even caught myself turning all my friends, friends of friends, family, and coworkers into Nuun fans. The special part about Nuun isn’t just that it’s an amazingly clean, flavorful, low-cal, unique electrolyte enhancement tablet. What’s really special is the community they’ve built. Their brand was built by passionate people who care deeply about the quality of the product as much as they care about the quality of their Nuuniverse. You’ll never meet a Nuunie who doesn’t kickass! I love my #nuunfam and I can’t wait to spend 2019 making bigger than ever! #nuunlife #stayhydrated #makeyourwatercount #nuunlove #teamnuun #nutrition #healthysportsdrink #lowcaloriedrink #electrolit #electrolytes #triathlete #trilife #triathlon #swimbikerun #nutritionistapproved #glutenfree #nongmo #runner #runnersofig #teamnuun
  • Running into the new year with a grateful heart! ❤️ .
2018 was so good to me! Did I have hardships? You bet! Was it a prefect year? No way! But it was good year all the same. 🤗
I was healthy, my pain and injuries healed and I was able to train and race in joy. I was able to be there for my family and support their dreams, started a new career, embarked on my first entrepreneurial adventure, and learned to have a deeper faith in myself. 🥳
I chased my dreams ALL YEAR and I could not ask anymore from myself. My family is healthy and happy and 2019 brings so many new adventures for all of us. .
I’m entering the new year with so much optimism and excitement for what’s to come! .
🥂 I hope you’re able to reflect on this past year with positivity, embrace the hardships as growing pains, accept the the good as gifts, and remember to face the future with a brave heart!! #happynewyear #runnersofinstagram #runnersofinsta #runner #trilife #triathlete #swimbikerun #trilife365 #womenfortri #whywetri #mytimetotri #triathlon #teamnuun #nuunlife #sweatpink #fitapproach #dallasfitness
  • #whatiatewednesday staycation edition! 🤩 Today was definitely a #foodie kinda day. I slept in, woke up craving delicious foods but at least managed to get my butt to the gym. .
Breakfast: was #wholewheat #waffels topped with strawberries followed by spin class at @lafitness .
Then I made it home with just enough time to clean house before #lunch and made a deeply colorful chicken 🐔 #salad for @jsinask3w and I.
Finally, for #dinner I cooked an indulgent meal of steak, baked potato and asparagus. Sooooo good! For #dessert I found @hersheys whipped cream at @walmart and paired it with more fresh strawberries and crunchy cinnamon toast and sprinkled it with more Hershey’s dark chocolate syrup. 🤪 OMG! It was delicious and so light and satisfying!!!!
Today was definitely about feeding my cravings 😂
What did you eat today?
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  • Testing recipes for the blog in 2019! These are delicious honey lime chicken 🐓 kabobs 😋 I think I need to adjust the marinade a bit, they came out just a hair dry and tough. Keep an eye out though! Final recipe coming soon! 👏🏼👌🏼👍🏼 #healthyrecipes #whatsonmyplate #dinnerideas #healthyliving #cleaneating #cleaneatingrecipe #healthyrecipes #foodblogger #healthylivingblogger #dallasblogger #dallasfoodblogger #nutritioncoach #nutritionist #healthyeating #sportsnutrition #sportsnutritionist #fitapproach #sweatpink #womenfortri #trifuel
  • Had the pleasure of touring @bontonfarms today. Man-o-man talk about inspiring! ❤️ They are doing some GREAT things over there and the history of the farm is nothing short of miraculous. This is an urban farm right in the heart of a food desert. I always love meeting people making healthy changes in their communities and Bonton did not disappoint. Did you know they’re an organic farm and zero waste?! They have goats, bees, and grow and sell fresh produce to some of Dallas’ top restaurants. Not to mention they make their own honey 🍯 butter and 🍨 ice cream! All while providing housing, jobs, and even assistance to the people working and living in and around the farm. Huge thanks to Bonton for hosting us today and you know I couldn’t resist snuggles with the baby goats. 🐐 #bontonfarms #urbanfarming #sustainablefarming #sustainablefood #healthyliving #healthyfood #realfood #organic #organicproduce #farmlife #fooddesert #hungersolutions #nutrition #nutritionist #nutritionistapproved
Remember, supplements never take the place of wholesome meals. Your first goal should always be to have a balanced and nutritious meal packed with healthy grains, lean proteins, and lots of fruits or veggies. We all have to find balance in our day to day lives. Find what works for you without compromising your nutrition. 


As always, I’m here to help where I can. Meal plans are going live next week! I cannot wait! Talk to you guys soon.

Priscilla Askew, NDTR

Priscilla is Dallas/Ft. Worth based nutritionist and blogger.


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