Low-fat Beefless "Beef" Stroganoff

As the weekly miles increase; I try to remind myself that I need to carb up! I tend to eat low carb when ever I’m not training for a race, which is pretty hard for me. I loving refer to this stage in my training as “Carb Heaven” because I finally get to eat all the yummy carbs I’ve been trying to avoid. I had a 17 mile training run scheduled last week and thought I’d take the opportunity to carb up, get inventive and try a new recipe. I soooo wish I could take credit for this meatless meatball recipe because they were so stinkin’ delicious!….but I can’t. The Fit Foodie Mama does a meatless Monday recipe every week and I have been dying to make so many of them. I never make anything meatless so it just sounded fun. The recipe she posted was gluten free however, I was ok with including the gluten in mine. I don’t suffer from a gluten intolerance, so why not?
Gluten and all, 4 easy ingredients
Most of the recipes I found online that included meatless meatballs were spaghetti recipes. Normally I would have made that, but I wanted to get inventive! My husband looooves comfort foods which includes cream sauces, gravies, and fried stuff. I wanted to try and put a healthier spin on our dinner though. While at the grocery store a few weeks ago I saw a Stroganoff sauce mix that looked delicious so I thought I’d go with that! Since most stroganoff recipes call for sour cream or a cream base, I decided to sub a low fat cream of mushroom soup instead and save some of those calories. Still gives the same effect with 98% less fat.
First things first! Get your 8 oz of red wine 😉
What you’ll need: Meatless Meatballs (check the link above for the recipe) 1 – 26oz (family size) can cream of mushroom soup 98% fat free 1 pkg McCormick Beef Stroganoff sauce mix 16 oz water 1 box pasta – your favorite style will do. I used Barilla Whole Wheat Rotini (13oz box) 1 bunch of parsley for garnish
What to do: Set a large pot of water to boil. Once water comes to a rolling boil, add pasta and cook al dente. While pasta is cooking create the best tasting meatless meatball you’ve ever had. (Get the directions here) While they’re in the oven, start your stroganoff sauce: In a medium sauce pan, mix the can of soup with half a can of water. Warm on stovetop and stir until well blended and slightly steaming. Add in McCormick sauce mix and continue to stir continuously until well blended and thickened. Served pasts with as many or ask few meatballs as you’d like, tops with sauce and sprinkle that parsley to get it lookin’ fancy! Bon Apetit!

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