Love the Pain

***Update: As of 2018, I am no longer an Ambassador for Love the Pain apparel***

Happy hump day! Today I’m so incredibly excited to share that I have joined the ranks of the pain hunters as a Love the Pain Ambassador. (queue cheers!) If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have already seen my posts. I’m just slightly obsessed!

Love the Pain is an apparel company…wait,  no….they are more than just an apparel company! I cant even begin to explain how much I love this brand. As a blogger and a social media influencer, I’m often approached by companies who are looking for someone to represent their brand. Whether it’s apparel, neat gadgets, and even water filtration systems. You’d be surprised the weird offers I get! I’d never represent a company that I didn’t truly believe in. When I first heard about Love the Pain I fell in love immediately. The name says it all!
The phrase “Love the Pain” refers to the pain we must endure in order to rise that next level in racing or training. If you are a cyclist or a triathlete, you may be familiar with the phrase “The Pain Cave”. It’s that dreaded place where we go to kill our legs and lungs. If we want to become better athletes we must learn to embrace the pain of training, we must learn to love it.


As endurance athletes we’re constantly pushing our boundaries in order to become better. We sacrifice our time and our comfort in an effort to be better, to race faster, and to be awesome. Any beginner triathlete can tell you, the addiction comes on fast. Soon after completing your first triathlon, you’re hooked and you find yourself fully submerging yourself into the lifestyle. You’re swimming, biking, and running 6 days a week in hopes of smashing out a PB at your next race.
There are days that you literally feel like your limbs may fall off or that your lungs may burst, but you never stop. You have learned to love the pain because you know what awaits you because of it. We’re all out here to be awesome and to find glory in ourselves. It becomes a lifestyle. A totally awesome lifestyle!


Happy Running!

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