Just Keep Swimming

I like to call myself a triathlete. I may not be an elite triathlete or even a good one for that matter but still…..I’m a triathlete. Why? Because I try. (Pun intended!)

Have you ever heard that quote by John Bingham?

Well like wise [I’d like to think] if you tri, you’re a triathlete.

Running is what I love, no mistake about that. It’s like a best friend, always there for me and we fit just right. Triathlon, however, is more of a love/hate battle for me….more like a frenemy. I love the multi-sport but it doesn’t love me! There have been so many times I have cursed my efforts and felt like an utter failure. Deep down though, it makes me feel strong even I feel like I’ve failed and for that, I love it.

This year I’m trying to focus more on my weaknesses and turn those into strengths ……starting with the swim.
Have you ever seen a fish on the ground right after you pull it out of the water? 
That’s what I feel like when I swim. Arms flailing. Chaos. Drowning. It’s quite a spectacle I’m sure. I do have to give myself some credit, I’ve made huge improvements in the last two years. I can now swim a full 50m without inhaling water and I believe I’ve mastered the basic form….for the most part. I completed two sprint distance triathlons so I have to be doing something right. Right? I did manage to make my husband think I drown in the second one. Perhaps I had no business there but I’m just stubborn I guess!
Regardless, I’m confident that with enough practice and a little bit of coaching I’ll be gliding through the water like a dolphin dipped in KY in no time.
Since I don’t really have time or the money to hire one of those fancy triathlon coaches, I went out and did the next best thing. I signed up for a summer swim class at my school! $60 for about 12 weeks of swimming fun 4 days a week. If this doesn’t whip me into shape, nothing will. Classes start this week, maybe there’s still hope for me!


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