I love a little challenge!

Last year, to end the year on a fit note and to help me stay focused on marathon training I joined the #Holidaysweat Challenge. It was the first time I’d ever joined a fitness challenge and to be honest I didn’t know what to expect but……I loved it! I wasn’t all that great at keeping up with the spreadsheets and reporting my meals/water intake BUT I tried every workout they shared with me and discovered some pretty amazing foodie blogs that I know stalk. When I found out that the lovely Sweat pink ladies had joined forces with sponsors like Augusta Active, Shower pill, ActivMotion Bar, and Flip Belt to start a new challenge for 2015, I had to get in on the goods!

Highlights from the #Holidaysweat Challenge

It’s not so much the prizes (which I wouldn’t mind!) as it is the opportunity to try new things. New and inventive workouts, amazingly delicious recipe ideas, loads of motivation, and it really made me accountable. More importantly, it kept me involved and motivated! I don’t have a huge fitness family and I have even fewer active female friends so it’s really hard for me. I can’t just pick up the phone and call a gal pal to join me in a 10 mile run, ya know? Challenges like these
 make it easy to stay fit and give me an awesome group to interact with while doing it. If you’re interested in joining me, you can check it out here.

…and this time around I’ll try harder to keep up with the spreadsheets! LOL

Let’s get sweaty!

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