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*** Disclaimer: I was given a samples of BeFit’s Nutritional Supplements in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own.***

TGIF sweaty friends!!!! Can you believe this is the last Friday in February? This year has already started to zoom by and I just can’t seem to keep up. I can’t complain however, it’s been an exciting few months. I’m happy to report that I’m still at it, trying new workouts and ways to be fit. I’m learning so much about how to build muscle. Isn’t it crazy how much you don’t know, you don’t know, until you know it? Did that make sense!? Today, I’m sharing my experiences with BeFit and the #BeFitAllYear campaign.

BeFit has created a whole-life, healthy living program that combines a 30 day fat burn workout calendar, workout YouTube videos, and nutritional supplements. After doing the PiYo class last month, I’ve pretty much decided that I don’t know squat about working out so when I heard about this campaign (more specifically the YouTube videos) I was SO excited to join in! I’ve learned, through my triathlon training, that if you can’t afford a personal trainer, training videos are the next best thing. Heck I learned how to swim freestyle by watching YouTube videos and I just raced a half Ironman!

I started the 30 fat burn workout calendar in early February and knew right away that it was going to be tough. The calendar had me scheduled for video workouts at least 5 days a week. I’m also training for a half marathon so I was a tad worried about how I was going to fit it all in. After watching the intro video I felt pretty pumped despite the rigorous scheduling. There are 10, 10 minute workouts so I knew even if I had to double up on my running and the 30 day videos, I could still manage it.

I did pretty good the first week but by week two I was beginning to see the err in my ways. I had the lower body blast on Monday and the legs and butt shaper on Wednesday. The only trouble was, my usual run days are also Monday and Wednesday. I was able to get the videos completed but I paid the price on my runs. The legs and butt shaper workout was especially fun because it focused on pulsing squats and side kicks early in the workout and my legs burned all the way until my last mile on the run. By week three I knew these videos were no joke and I decided to modify the calendar to fit my training schedule. When the calendar called for cario or leg workouts, I did those in the evenings and did my runs during lunch. This made a world of difference.


What I loved most about these videos was that they are short and serious. You can do multiple videos in one session or you could do the same one two times if you really wanted to feel the burn. I especially loved the toned abs and arms video! I think I did this one the most. I felt a little awkward with some of the moves in the beginning but I found a private area in my gym and that made it a little easier to really get into the workout. I’m not working out my legs as hard as I have in the past since i’m training for the half marathon which means I spend a majority of my time working out my upper body and trying to build definition (for the first time ever).

BeFit was kind enough to send me their pre-workoutwhey protein powder, and fat burner to sample along with the workout videos. I’ve mentioned in the past that I don’t take many pre-workouts and I’m fairly picky about the few I do take. If you’re not careful pre-workout supplements can wreck havoc on your liver enzymes and cause unnecessary bloating. BeFit’s Energy and Endurance Booster is actually pretty good though. It has a pleasant flavor, which I always appreciate and it didn’t make me feel like I wanted to run through a brick wall like some others do. In fact, it was a fairly smooth pre-workout giving just the pump I needed to without the crazy face. BeFit also formulates their pre with natural betaine from sugar beets which they claim has benefits on strength, energy and endurance. I’ve ready studies in the past that links beetroot to higher oxygen uptake which in turn can increase things like muscle recovery and high oxygen efficiency when preforming cardio activity. I haven’t read to science behind the sugar beets that BeFit references but I can say that I was pleased with their formula.

I also tried the Fat Burner for a few weeks. I’m not a big fan of fat burning pills because as a nutritionist I feel that healthy diet and exercise is more than enough to get the results you want. Most fat burning pills are chalked full of B vitamins and a whole slew of energy boosting formulas to get you revved up and moving to burn calories. I found that BeFit didn’t give me that high energy feeling. I’d take two pills post workout around lunch time just before my meal. While I never suppressed my appetite at lunch time, I did notice that my meals were more sustaining throughout the afternoon. I usually get “snacky” around 2:30pm or 3pm, but on the days that I took the fat burner, I was sustained until dinner. Albeit, a ravenous beast.


The real gem out of all the supplements I sampled from BeFit was their protein powder. For me, a lot of protein powders taste eggy or like chemicals. I can always detect what it’s base is or if they’ve added something to it. BeFit sweetens their powders with stevia which has a much sweeter flavor in my opinion. They also don’t add all that extra chemical stuff. The result is heavenly sweet treat. I literally found myself dipping my finger in the cloud like powder one day and licking it off my fingers! I also found out BeFit offers recipes through their Instagram page. I checked out all the recipes on the website and decided to try out the cheesecake. Now, I must confess, I have some pretty high end protein powders that are specifically made for baking and I’ve managed to make every single recipe I’ve made with those powders taste like rotten eggs. When I say the cheesecake recipe I made from BeFit with their powder was a success, I mean it was DAMN good. I didn’t have the vanilla flavored powder the recipe called for so I just subbed the chocolate powder instead but I think it almost tasted better! It was rich and creamy and the crust was made of almonds and dates…..almonds and dates! Who thinks of this stuff?! It was so rich and delicious. I was definitely be making this one again.


So here we are at the end of my 30 days and I’m happy to report that it was a success. I didnt loose a ton of weight, which I wasn’t aiming to do. I did lose 3 pounds which is nice for me considering I’ve been steadily gaining a pound a month since October. Do I feel like this campaign was a success? Yes! I learned so much from watching these videos. There are sequences that I learned and loved and will take with me even when I’m not watching the videos. That ab and arm workout is here to stay though! That video is going into my weekly routine.

BeFit was awesome enough to offer a giveaway to my readers as well! If you’d like to win the three pack of supplements I tried this month check out the rafflecopter below. There are so many ways to enter so just pick your favorite and get going! You can also download the 30 day fat burn calendar for free here if you would also like to #BeFitAllYear. A winner for the giveaway will be announced Friday March 4th!

Giveaway entry methods:

  • Like Befit on Facebook
  • Try a video from the workout calendar/the 30-day program list
  • Follow @befit on twitter
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  • tweet about the giveaway tagging @BeFit and #BeFitAllYear
  • Share the giveaway on Facebook, tagging @BeFit
  • Share the giveaway on Instagram, tagging @BeFit # BeFitAllYear
Giveaway Restrictions:
  • Open to US only
  • One prize per person

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