2016 Goals and Team Nuun

Happy Friday Everyone! As you can tell I have some big news for you today, but first I want to catch up a bit. I know I have been a bit MIA from blogging and social media this last few weeks.

Post Ironman 70.3 mentality is a confusing thing. For the first week I just laid low and let my body recover. There was pain all week however, by Friday, I was ready to take charge and start moving again. Only, I didn’t.


Sure, I may have made it to the gym a few times a week and even ran a mile here or there, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I was just in a slump! The holidays aren’t helping either. All that turkey, stuffing, cookies, pies, chocolate, and wine are making me even more somber. 

My race season ended with such an amazing bang and I trained as hard as I could all year. I set some pretty hefty goals in 2015. Despite Texas weather killing all my early season races, I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished. It’s been hard to say goodbye to the 2015 race season. Perhaps that’s the root of my laziness these last few weeks? I’ve been aware of it and I’ve even been struggling to pull myself out of it. This past week I finally decided to pull myself together! 


I sat down with a pen and paper and created new goals. I wrote out my dream race wish list, I created a beautiful DIY blog planner, and I signed up for my first race of the 2016 race season. If there is anything that I have learned from the last few years of racing, it’s that having a race DATE to look forward to always gives me motivation.

Earlier this week I received the best early Christmas gift ever. It was an email from Nuun Hydration. Just after Ironman 70.3 I applied to be a part of Team Nuun and this week I was notified that I had been accepted! I can’t express how excited I am to be a part of a competitive team. Not just any team, but Team Nuun! Nuun has been one of those “old faithful” products for me since I started racing. It’s a product I know, love, and trust. To be a part of their team means the world to me and this was exactly the final push I needed to get back out there and get my act together. I can remember reading through the athlete’s profiles from past years and thinking “These people are badasses!” HA! I never applied because I didn’t think I would ever be accepted. After the high of finishing Ironman 70.3 I felt like I could do ANYTHING and I finally got up the courage to submit my application to Nuun. It’s it funny how things play out when you have no fear isn’t it? This is exactly why I love triathlon, it gives me the courage to do the things that I never thought I could do. It shows me that I can do whatever I set my mind to and I’m so much more than the limits I set for myself. It’s a beautiful thing when you can finally believe in yourself.

If there was any doubt in my mind that 2016 wouldn’t be as awesome as 2015, there isn’t a single spec of doubt now! I have so many races on my calendar for 2016 and I just keep adding them. I hope my checkbook can keep up with me this year because I’m going to be a racing fool!

I hope you’re all busy planning your 2016 race calendars, please feel free to share with me! I just love following your race journeys big and small.

Happy Holidays

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  1. Dixya

    congratulations and hope 2016 will be even happier and healthier for you 🙂

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